281 West Lane Ave.

Columbus, OH 43210

Ohio State is a Big 10, Tier 1 Research University, in Columbus, OH.

Applications Accepted: Common App

Do you require test scores for the Class of 2022? No, we are test optional

Admissions policies for Undocumented and DACA Students: Ohio State University will work individually with DACA students

Forms Required: FAFSA

Do you meet full need? No

National Buckeye Scholarship for Out of State students 13,500 per year.

Morrill Scholarship Program: Diversity Scholarship- Full Tuition and potential full COA.

Student Experience

Average Class Size: 80% of classes fewer than 50 students

Retention Rate (percentage of students who return for year two): 94%

6-Year Graduation Rate: 86%

Majors: Click Here

Student Population

46,000 Undergraduate Students

60% White

7% Asian

7% Black

5% Hispanic

4% 2 or More Races

<1%Native Am/Alaska Native