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With 13 schools and colleges, 200 customizable majors and 100 minors, and online degrees and certificates, Syracuse University provides limitless educational pathways. New interdisciplinary areas ranging from social justice and artificial intelligence to energy and environment provide hands-on research experiences that broaden perspectives and prepare students for the careers of tomorrow.

Applications Accepted: Common App

Do you require test scores for the Class of 2022? No, we are test optional

Admissions policies for Undocumented and DACA Students: Syracuse University continues to work and advocate for our DACA students. Syracuse University stands firmly behind our DACA/undocumented students. We must continue to remain informed and vigilant about federal policies. We will continue to support and fight for the best interests of all of our students, whether they are DACA, undocumented or mixed status students. We believe in their promise for the future of this country and for Syracuse University. Our policy can be found here.

Forms Required: FAFSA, CSS Profile

Do you meet full need? Yes, when you apply by January 1

Submit BOTH the FAFSA and CSS Profile forms before January 1st for Regular Decision or November 15th for Early Decision applicants. More information can be found here.

Additional financial aid information: Syracuse University has several scholarships for first-generation students including Kessler Scholarship, Wells Link Program, Haudenosaunee Promise Scholarship and Our Time Has Come to name a few. Additional information can be found here.

Student Experience

Average Class Size: 25

Retention Rate (percentage of students who return for year two): 89%

6-Year Graduation Rate: 83%

Majors: Click Here

Other Information: Choose from more than 200 academic programs and over 100 minors within our 13 schools and colleges and embrace the interdisciplinary nature of Syracuse University’s academic options. Many students have more than one major or complete a minor to complement their major.

Several majors offer both Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees. More than 40 bachelor’s/master’s programs are also available.

Student Population

15,000 Undergraduate Students