Georgia State University, Social Entrepreneurship

Meet Kaylyn, who thinks Wayne Gretzky was spot on when he said, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Kaylyn is a student at Georgia State University pursuing a degree in Social Entrepreneurship. Her favorite course thus far has been World History 2110, a course she dreaded because of memorization-heavy material. To her surprise though, she overcame her hesitation and finished with an A+! She found that connecting with the professor had a big impact on her love for the course.

As a College AIM Student, Ambassador and Collegian, she’s had the opportunity to see the great impact this program has on any young person looking for guidance, especially those who have been systematically excluded from pursuing higher education. Her own experience as a high school student in College AIM combined with her time as an Ambassador supporting her peers has fortified her belief in the program. She stands by the fact that College AIM is beneficial to all who partake. Her personal core value is inspiration; she’s constantly inspired by those overcoming adversity and the potential residing in everyone.

Kaylyn’s growth mindset is an ongoing theme; during her "me-time" she watches self-care tutorials and informative finance videos. Thinking about building wealth has become one of her passions. Gospel and soul are usually pouring from her speakers as she writes and reads, and her campus activities include a number of volunteer positions as well as mentoring and networking events. Her experience with College AIM has crossed over from high school to college; from check-in’s and stipend assistance to career development advice, she feels supported and seen.

Kaylyn's future is full and bright, and she foresees running a non-profit by 2022, a house by 2025, and investing in additional real estate soon thereafter. She’ll be the first in her family to earn a degree—we’re so proud! Holding those credentials, along with her innate skills and dedication, will give Kaylyn the keys to the future she envisions for herself!

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