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Bard College seeks to inspire curiosity, a love of learning, idealism, and a commitment to the link between higher education and civic participation.

Applications Accepted: Common App, We also offer the Bard Entrance Examination

Do you require test scores for the Class of 2022? No, we are test optional

Admissions policies for Undocumented and DACA Students: Bard upholds a mission of inclusion and diversity, and we welcome all students, regardless of citizenship status or national origin to apply to the College. This includes students who are undocumented, and students who hold DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) status.

The application process for DACA or undocumented students does not differ from the application process for any student living in the United States. Our admission process is confidential and holistic, and we encourage students to use their application as an opportunity to share their lived experience with the admission committee. For more information, please refer to and utilize the requirements and deadlines for domestic first-year or transfer applicants. If you have any further questions about applying, please contact

While federal financial aid protocols impact undocumented students, DACA or undocumented students may apply for Bard College institutional financial aid using the CSS Profile. Link to the form and more information about financial aid application deadlines can be found on the financial aid website. Questions regarding financial aid can be directed to

Forms Required: FAFSA, CSS Profile

Do you meet full need? No

Bard seeks to assist qualified students who might not be able to attend a private college because of the cost. In recent years, more than two-thirds of all Bard students have received some form of assistance from the College and/or federal, state, and private programs. Domestic and international students are also eligible, based on need, for Bard scholarships and loans. The average Bard Scholarship is $46,060 as of the 2020-2021 academic year. Bard makes every effort to meet full need for highly ranked applicants. Bard is need-aware in admissions at the margins; meaning that if we do not feel that we can adequately package a student for success, we would encourage that student to seek more affordable paths to college.

Students from Atlanta may be eligible for Bard's Posse or BOP full tuition scholarships. More information about eligibility can be found here. In addition to full-tuition, these scholarships come with the support of the Office of Equity & Inclusion Programs (ex. school supplies, textbook funding, advising, etc.)

Additional Financial Aid Information: I am an alumna of Bard College from Atlanta, GA. From personal experience, I can say that it can be more expensive to go to a school out-of-state, even with a $60,000 full-tuition scholarship. I always suggest students to apply for smaller scholarships outside of the college even if they have a big scholarship to attend. I would also suggest students consider applying for positions that help to cover the room and board fees (ex. Residential Advisor/Peer Counselor).

Student Experience

Average Class Size: 16 in the Lower College and 12 in the Upper College

Retention Rate (percentage of students who return for year two): 82.6%

6-Year Graduation Rate: 73.9%

Majors: Click Here

Other: A liberal arts education offers students both breadth and depth of learning. At Bard, the primary sources of breadth are the First-Year Seminar and the distribution requirements. The primary source of depth is the requirement that each student major in a stand-alone academic program, possibly in conjunction with a non-stand-alone– field of study, or concentration, or with another program in a joint major.

Student Population

1,900 Undergraduate Students

African American/Black: 9%

Asian: 8%

Hispanic/Latino: 13%

Multiracial: 7%

Native American/Alaskan Native: 1%

Native Hawaiian/or other Pacific Islander: 1%

White/non-Hispanic: 61%

Unknown: 9%


*Race/ethnicity does not total 100% because students are able to select more than one race/ethnicity.