Alicia with graduation cap and gown


Brandeis University, Masters in Education

Alicia chose moxie as her College AIM core value and it’s not difficult to see why. She’s an introspective, connection seeker who took her College AIM experience and ran with it. As a sociology scholar, she found herself wanting to put her people skills to use; what better way to do so than to pursue education?! Her fondest memory of her time with College AIM was hosting a big car wash to fundraise for a college road trip. The many college visits landed her a spot at Brandeis University where she sought a degree in sociology.

Alicia continued her time at Brandeis University to receive her Master’s in Education. Her additional inspiration came from Dr. Derron Wallace, a professor with whom she worked closely during her master’s program. His tendency to ask the hard questions and reevaluate what education meant got her thinking and philosophizing about how to change the classroom for the better.

Through College AIM, she was able to have a soundboard for her thoughts, ideas, and confusions surrounding her interests. Instead of downplaying her brilliance, she found the space to feel confident and passionate in her pursuits. By earning this set of impressive degrees, Alicia feels ready for the future, not just financially but also as an advocate for change.

She now serves as a Kindergarten teacher at the Kindezi School in Atlanta. She’s constantly seeking ways to grow professionally and takes great interest in educational texts. Her life motto is indicative of her constant development and growth; “keep moving forward.”

Keep being amazing, Alicia!

Alicia with Brandeis University shirt on.
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