Stephanie holding banner


College of the Holy Cross, English

Stephanie chose a beautiful, empowering quote from Maya Angelou to sum up her experience; “my mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” This well-rounded, fearless approach to life has Stephanie written all over it. Her time at College AIM felt like a home away from home for her academic, literary self. She fondly remembers the reassuring feeling of being able to call her College AIM mentors whenever school or life left her questioning the next move. With College AIM’s support, she plotted her path to and through the College of the Holy Cross.


Her chosen College AIM value is inspiration, which she draws from many aspects of life, particularly literature. Her favorite course at Holy Cross was Contemporary African American Literature, where she was able to study her favorite African American authors and discover new favorites.


Stephanie’s time at College AIM expanded her confidence in herself and the ideas that drive her curiosity. For her, having a college degree means having access to a life would have been otherwise unattainable. She felt supported as she took action to make her dreams a reality.


Stephanie’s goals vary and evolve, but the bottom line is simple; she wants to be a well-rounded, empathetic person who leverages her skills to help others. She is on a path of business doings and philanthropy as she applies for graduate school and scouts her ideal non-profit. Her big plan is to start a non-profit that focuses on making all forms of artistic expression accessible to students from low-income neighborhoods. She recognized early on that expression in all its forms is necessary for a fulfilling life and wants everyone to have the space, platform, and confidence to use their voice.


You’re a true leader, Stephanie!

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