Langston University, Biology

Meet Jelena, a biology major and English enthusiast who has one thing to say to her hurdles; “The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me.”

She’s a student at Langston University in Oklahoma and a proud member of College AIM. Throughout her collegiate journey, she’s continued to thrive as a leader both in her university’s Marching Pride Band and as a tutor at the campus writing center.

Of all the core values at College AIM, “inspiration” resonates most with her curious, charitable spirit. Her favorite memory as a College AIM participant is during a college visit to Union College. Someone (not saying names) started a snowball fight, and Mr. A waited until the perfect moment and landed a bullseye on Jelena’s back.

Beyond the fun, impromptu snow wars, Jelena’s experience in College AIM has kept her on a path of positivity and success. Despite the fear, hardships, and unknown of adolescence, she’s allowed the program to be her guiding light both emotionally and academically. Whether it’s workload management or general support, Jelena has been set on the perfect track towards her ideal future.

What does that future look like for Jelena? While working on her biology degree, she also assists as a research fellow with NASA alongside her university’s research institute. These impressive pursuits will open the door for her dream of working for a top STEM research facility. Most impressively, she hopes to own multiple businesses that support and uplift Black communities.

Keep being an inspiration, Jelena!

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