"Summer Melt" Prevention


The summer before college is a critical time and, without targeted support, many students leave high school intending to go to college but don't end up enrolling in the fall. Research shows that as many as 40% of students from low-income backgrounds watch their college dreams "melt" away before the first day of class. College AIM combats "Summer Melt" and empowers students to succeed by:

  • Providing personalized assistance for every student with enrollment steps
  • Hosting College 101 workshops to build essential skills for college success
  • Training near-peer coaches to support students enrolling at technical and community colleges
  • Connecting students with on-campus support systems
  • Providing last dollar grants to students in need

Individual Mentorship

Sam and Chari together

Beginning at the end of our students’ senior year of high school, our college success programming begins and it continues through college graduation. Our team conducts monthly check-ins with our first year college students to make sure they are staying on track academically, financially and socially. Through phone calls, text messages, in-person meetings and campus visits, our success coaches build close relationships with our students and mentor them toward their goals.

Collegian Events


Through organized Collegian gatherings, career coaching and academic tutoring, we provide our college students with opportunities to connect with other College AIM Collegians, meet with current high school students and receive support from the College AIM family.

College Partnerships


College AIM collaborates with colleges and universities to ensure our students have access to the support and resources they need to be successful on campus. Through open and consistent communication, we work together to remove barriers to success, so our students can enroll, matriculate and graduate from these institutions.

College Scholarships

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